How To Get Started In Golf

When someone decides to try something new the Internet is full with advices, basic golf tips and how-to tutorials. Although in this big sea of knowledge there are some chapters that are being left out, but they prove to be quite important especially for the beginning players in golf. So in the following there are presented some aspects that are essential for any player that decided to try the golfing experience.

First aspect is about choosing the suitable equipment. According to age and height we have to find the most comfortable clubs and it is not indicated in the case of children to let them practice with the clubs of parents of adults, as this will not lead to any acknowledgement of any proper skill, having the possibility of developing some playing habits that are hard to correct as they advance in age.

The etiquette and rules of the game are also left aside in most of the cases. There are some simple rules that need to be respected while playing on the golf course and the easiest way to get acquainted with them is to learn them from a more experienced player. If you are new to the course than sit and observe how the rest of the players are behaving and if you are a more experienced player and you are playing a game with a novice, make sure you share with him as many important information you can.

Learning the swing move can also be quite challenging as many beginners try to teach themselves how this goes. It can be very disappointing and the best way to do it is to take several lessons from an experimented player that will introduce you the basic notions. The takeaway is treated in the same way, although a novice should understand that a proper hit does not mean a fast retrieval up in the front of the club.

Body movement is another problem of beginners, since it is important to understand that shoulder and hips are playing the major role in gaining speed and accuracy and not by using the force of the arms. This is the only way to maintain a square face for the club’s head in order to have a clean hit. Also, taking into consideration the learning of follow-through for some types of shots is considered important for the ones that want to get along with the game. A mistake that is frequently made in the rows of the players that are in the beginning of the learning process is to abruptly stop a follow-through just because they want to see where the ball is going. Unconsciously they don’t know that this affects the overall performance of the shot and must learn to tame this curiosity and complete the follow-though process. Practice is the best tip you can give to someone that wants to learn golf. Without proper training, even if on your own, you won’t be able to master a correct swing. Take all your clubs for a spin and try every one of them out. This is the only way to understand how they work in your hands and how each one can help you have the best strike.

Get Your Golfing Skills Improved

When playing golf many players are interested in getting the best ways for improving the driving. The area of the tee is uncertain for many players and obtaining a proper hit is the major preoccupation of most of them. The quality of the shots may affect all the players, regardless of the level of experience, so there is a set of tips that are able to help all categories of players. To get a better driving an important tip is to keep the ball in the area of the game. That means to choose accuracy instead of distance, even if covering a large distance in only one shot seems like a good idea. This beautiful plan may be ruined though is the ball ends up being lost in the woods and does not stay on the course, thus all your efforts are in vain. The body posture is also something that influences in a major way the style of your game and its quality. Thus make sure you respect a couple of rules, like keep widely spread your feet shoulders, keep your head in the back of the ball at all time and also always remember to flex your knees, as a stiff position will not help you obtain the best performance. To improve the driving doesn’t necessarily mean to hit the ball with the most powerful hit there is. Here strength in hit doesn’t mean a good thing and most often it lead to failure in striking. To have maximum results try to maximize the speed in the club’s head as in descends from the backswing with the natural move of your hips and shoulders.

Also be careful about club types, as new created clubs like 460 cc clubs require some special condition and a better training to be able to work with them. Because they are bigger than the usual you must purchase bigger tees to raise the level of the ball in order to have a better hit. They are very efficient because they have a better impact when touching the ball, but for a player that got used to the old fashioned club it will turn out to be quite tricky to get used to one like this.

Any of these tips won’t help you properly only if you are perseverant with your practice. Even a small amount of time spent on the golf course will improve you performance and the way to approach the tee and perform your shots. There is no other way to know your clubs but only by constantly testing those meanwhile practicing you’re swinging methods.

Golf can be very pleasant and fun even for the one of us that are left handed. Although many advices and tips you find out on the Internet often refer to right-handed players, there are a great number of left-handed players that want to know better this beautiful sport. This is the reason why we found out some helpful tips for them also.

Even if it seem odd but the mechanics of the games do not chance, no matter on what side you prefer playing. As long as you know the basic rules and how everything goes you can easily start playing without a problem. There a general rule that applies for the lefties too and that is to keep the head down until the entire hitting process is completed. Raising the head to follow the ball is a bad mistake no matter in which side we choose to play.

A proper body movement is also included here. Only this time all the swinging is happening to the right side. Still even in this case lefties must allow the body and the hips to move and coils to the maximum point of the backswing and release it with the same movements for a successful strike. These movements are the main key in a quality game.

A very important tip is that a left-handed player should always try to finish a shot with a follow through that is complete, this meaning that the player must land on the balls of both feet, this being the evidence that the hips followed the entire swinging process.

When starting to play more often out on the course you will notice that the majority of the wholes have a veer from left to right. To have a proper approach over them and play them correctly you must learn how to make a draw shot. This particular shot will make the ball curve on its trajectory and change direction to the right, under a controlled movement.

Even if the most of the information you get anywhere is for right-handed players, in order to make it appropriate for you just revers the instructions that are following and everything will turn out just great. Thus you won’t need to constantly look for methods specially designed for lefties about this game. Also make sure you find the proper set of clubs that are specially designed for left-handed players. You can also use a right-handed club but you’ll never get the same performance like when using the proper tools.

Something that is of great importance in a golf match is the performance of a draw shot. Even if it seems difficult at a first view, it is actually not that hard, not to mention the benefits you get when learning how to master the direction and its change for a ball. When you perform this particular shot the ball will go starting from left and curve to the right direction, much the same with a hook but in this case done in a more controlled and deliberate way. It is a move that needs time and a lot of practice to be mastered and only hours of training can get you to the point where you can actual get some distance too in this shot. Once you reach to do it this particular shot will offer the ball a low trajectory and more rolling over the ground after landing.

As it is a very essential shot in golf, you will understand why it is so useful to learn it. But first there are some facts you need to take care of before actually starting to go for it. The thing you need in order to achieve this swing is to obtain a grip of the club that will have a slight rotation to the right of the shaft of the club. An important aspect is not to turn the shaft, but to do this only with your hands. Afterwards you will need to close a little the stance in order to get the needed space to perform the swing.

When the moment of the impact comes all you have to do is to allow the hands to do their job, as they will pull back into the normal position they will also give the face of the club a slight closing. This is the particular moment when a grip stronger can be of real help. Also remember to keep the head down for the entire process and the follow through also. If the shop is executed in a correct manner, then the ball will actually start on a normal right path and slowly change its course to the left, the center line being the sport where the curve will be stopped. If you notice that the ball is taking the turn to the left much sooner than this mentioned moment, which means you more likely performed a hook rather than a draw shot and the answer to this is more practicing.

Looking at the divot will also help you set up a good shot, as the aim should be in slightly in the left of the target or even in straight line with the target, but you should never try to aim to the right. This will spoil all you chances at a good shot. Also, using a more suitable club, like a six-iron, will definitely be of help when performing or practicing this shot. If you still feel that you are far from the truth, then meanwhile practicing there some things you should look at, like the grip of the club. If you realize that the grip is too large or too soft this can mean that you’re trying to get a good shot are useless, since with these types of grips you can’t obtain the proper control over the shot.

Try to get comfortable with the grip and practice the right turning of your hands, this will get you in time a steady grip. Do not become demoralized if the majority of your shots look more like hooks, only a perseverant player will end up mastering this difficult shot. Always remember to make adjustment when practicing in order to get the perfect recipe for a good draw shot. Also, when you feel like the six-iron club is making it too easy for you, try going for the driver. This is the most difficult club to use for performing a shot like this and it is good if you like some extra challenge.

Improving your golf playing style

Golf is a sport and as other sports it has its own playing strategies and processes. An important process in golf playing is trying to correct a sliced shot. Some of the following tips may give you some aid about how to improve it.

Overall there are many causes that may induce the slicing process of the ball, some are more often encountered and some are rarer. The most often situation is met meanwhile preparing the address.

The majority of golf players prefer a square position according to target. This means keeping the hips, feet and the same time the shoulders in straight line with the final target. But if this is not done accordingly it may cause some troubles, like if you put your left foot ahead then the club will open in the moment of impact and cause the ball to fly too much to the right direction. To avoid this matter keep the foot in the left right under the correspondent shoulder. Also be careful at positioning hips and shoulders. If they are not in a square position will determine the ball to have a trajectory that is not straight.

Another thing that you have to note down is the grip of the club while hitting. A grasp that is too tight, as many new players are doing, will lead to opening of the club and again the ball will to right direction not straight. Of course, a loose grip is also a wrong choice as it can be unstable and provoke sliced hit or the chance to hook the ball.

A correct grip is a neutral one. You can check this by having a look about how your hands settle on the club. In a correct grip you must have the possibility to see two or even three knuckles belonging to your left hand. Not seeing any of the knuckles means you are not holding the club properly. And holding it wrong will cause the club face to open when hitting, due to the rotation of your hands to a position that is neutral.

Always practice your grip. Until you find the one that suits you it can take a while. Keep rotating your hands until you can spot a few knuckles and try hitting some balls with this type of grip. You can make along the adjustment you need in order to get a good strike and when you find it hold on to it.

A bad tempo can also mess up your striking. When correcting a slice you always have to take caution to how you swing. Do not use the strength of your arms to gain some extra distance, but instead focus on keeping your shoulders and hips straight and address correctly, this will ensure the success of your swing. When using the force of your body, everything comes down in the strength of the hands as they lead the strike, having no control over the swing and making the club to open in the end. For a better performance use the hips to start the swing and everything will follow in a natural and more controlled way.

Also check on your divot in order to correct the slice. When it is set at a point that is too much on the right direction it can create an issue on the hit. All of these require time and a lot of practice, but the result is a game that you’ll enjoy best. Read more about basic golf tips on the other pages.