8 Tried & Tested Tips For Improving Golf Swing

tips for improving Golf Swing how to achieve the best shot

Tips for Improving Golf Swing

Because of the increasing popularity of the game of golf, many newcomers have decided to begin playing the game. However, even though there are many more players, a lot of the casual players have only limited knowledge about the best technique. So it is not surprising that many of these amateurs are struggling to develop a good swing. No one will be able to learn to play great golf without it and you will not either. But over time, with effort, you will get better and better. Here are some tips for improving golf swing that actually work!

Tips For Improving Golf Swing

Solidify Your Foundation – First, before you ever hit the ball, you need to create a stance that is powerful. If you are able to maintain the proper posture, you will be halfway there already.

Control Your Swing – You need to be able to feel the ground under your feet and you need to have an awareness of your surroundings. If your feet are not placed correctly on the ground, control of your swing will always be difficult.

Watch Your Grip – Your grip is the key component of your golf swing and your grip is how you are holding the club. The ideal grip is necessary to have the best impact with the ball. If your grip is too tight your shoulders will not be able to rotate freely and your accuracy will suffer. On the other hand, if your grip is too loose your shot will sail off as a hook or a slice.

Essential Body Movements – You need to pull your arms back when you take your shot but the arms should not be the only movement of your body. They should be moving in sequence with the upper torso rotation. It is important to keep your movement in sync throughout the swing or you will lose accuracy and power.

Concentrate on Hip Movement – To hit longer distance shots, make sure to increase the turn of your hip. They should be turned away from your target as far as possible when you are performing your backswing. If you do not keep your hips steadily turning it will be hard to keep your balance.

Timing and Follow-Through – The two important elements of shot timing are making sure the club head is along the target line for as long as possible and making sure the clubface has been pointed at the target for a long time. This means that you must keep your stance throughout your whole swing and then it will be timed well.

Placing the Club – The ball has to be in front of the bottom of the swing every time you take a shot. At the same time, the shaft of your club needs to point toward the area of impact. If instead, you simply go for a powerful shot you will lose grip with your wrists and you will find that you are scooping the ball instead of placing it.

The Perfect Finish – Make sure that you are using the ground to help you. If you do, you will be able to apply greater force and your ball will go farther. As you are finishing your swing you should keep your arms extended toward the ball. This will make you feel like you are standing above the ground and you will have a very powerful finish.

The Bottom Line

As with everything else, practice is the secret to having the ideal golf swing. If you put in the time practicing, your game will improve dramatically. So try these ideas and tips for improving golf swing and work very hard. You will see great results very quickly.

Simple Tips For Improving Golf Swing