Fix Or Correcting A Slice

Solving your swing problem is not an easy task, but there are some easy ways to fix it as well. Here are some quick tips on how to fix golf slice difficulties:

Fix golf slice like a Pro

Tip 1: Improving your set up

One of the main problems that many new golfers have is that they do have a proper set up at the address. There are many other problems as well, but this is probably the most important of all. While addressing the ball, your body must be aligned with the target line properly, and your left shoulder needs to be pointed right at the objective. Having your posture slightly off can take the ball away from the target.

Tip 2: Checking your grip

Another common problem with new golfers is that their grip is not very good. They either hold the club too tightly or too loose that results is improper swinging. The best grip set up is where you can see two or three knuckles of left hand. If no knuckles are visible, you are not holding the club properly. Always try to get good grip with your hands to get a better slice.

Tip 3: Turing your hips fully

Most new golfers have a common problem when hitting the ball. They are not able to make a full hip turn after striking the ball. This opens the head of club that results in improper slice. To avoid this problem, you need to strike the ball squarely. This is only possible if the hips are turning fully at the time of striking.

Tip 4: Maintaining the tempo

Your hand motion also makes your slice better. Some amateur golfers usually go too strong with their swing that results in improper slicing. To avoid this, you need to concentrate on your swing speed. By slowing down the speed, clubface remain aligned with the target. This way, you do not have to worry about slicing the ball to right. If you think that with more speed you can make the ball reach further, then you are completely wrong.

Tip 5: Keeping the head down

One of the most common errors that new players do is that they raise their head in order to see where the ball is moving. This is a bad habit because it distracts your swing. It is recommended that you must keep your head down during the entire swing. You should be more concentrated on your swing movements, grip, and posture instead of checking where the ball is going. Ball will follow the correct path if you have used a proper technique. There is no need to check its path afterwards.

It is hard to keep the head down because right shoulder follows the impact that points your head towards the direction of the ball. This can be corrected if you try to keep your right shoulder at its place.

All the above tips are useful only if you practice them hard. These things may seem easy, but without practicing them many times, you will not be able to achieve the results that you want.

Correcting a slice

how to fix a slice in golf swingGolf is not just a game of ball and stick, but it requires lots of practice and hard work to make a perfect shot. Most amateur golf players usually stuck in sliced shots. Correcting the slice is a strategy that you have to understand first. After some hard work, and making your way through many pitfalls, you will eventually reach a point where your problem is solved.

Correcting your stance

One of the most common problems that amateur golfers have is their stance at the address. While playing golf, most of the players have a very similar stance. The problem with this stance is that it creates the problem of slicing the ball towards the right. A usual position of amateur is where the shoulders, hips, and feet are aligned with the aim. The problem with this stance is that if you take your left foot little too forward, there are chances that clubface will open when you hit the ball. This will take the ball away from the target and push it towards the right. Therefore, you need to keep your left foot aligned with your left shoulder. The same rule applies for hips and shoulders. They have to be in square stance so that ball flies straight.

Correcting the grip

Holding the club with a proper tightness is very important. Usually, beginners make a very tight grip while playing. This may open the club head when they strike the ball. As a result, the ball will curve to the right. Lose grip can also create problems. The club head may wobble after striking. This will also cause the slicing of the ball.

It is important to keep the grip at a neutral level. An easy way to check the grip is to see the knuckles of left hand by looking down at the club. If you do not see any knuckles, it means that the grip is not right. It is must that you should at least see two or three knuckles to make a perfect shot. It ensures that there is no rotation in hands when you hit the ball.

Adjusting your swing tempo

One of the most important things when correcting a slice is to check your swing tempo. Many amateur golf players use their arms for powering the shot, but this does not work that well. When you swing your hand, you must be keep it as smooth and relaxed as you can. There must not be any jerk to the club. You have to let your hips do the down swing. Rest will follow along.

Adjusting your divot

The position of your divot can also make a big difference. Make sure that the divot is not pointing towards the right. This will make the ball fly to right. Along with this, you must check your posture and make sure that it is correct.

Besides these tricks, you must never forget to practice to fix your golf slice regularly and try to fix your errors. You can achieve good results if you maintain a good practice schedule and never be demotivated with your trials.