Golf Tips For Left-Handed Golfers

Left-handed golfer usually finds it hard to get the tips for getting better control over the ball. Usually, you will find tons of articles on the Web particularly for right-handed golfers, but for left-handed, there are just a handful of tips only. Here, are some useful tips that will help you get better understanding of playing golf with left hand.

What you need to know about playing golf with left hand?

Most people think that there is a difference between playing from right hand and left hand. However, the fact is that the principles of playing golf do not change with changing the side. Therefore, you need to master the basics of golf first. If you do that, it does not matter what side you play. Once all the fundamentals are cleared, you can move to advanced techniques. All this concludes that this is a big mistake if you think that being a left handed you will have difficulty in playing golf.

Advice for new players

For new players, the most vital tip for playing golf with left hand is keeping the head down left handed golfer hitting ball rightduring the full swing. The same rule applies to right handed too. One of the most common mistakes that new golfers make is lifting the head while hitting to see the movement of it. This distracts you from making the actual impact because your posture is not stable. You are more concentrated on the flight of the ball than you swing.

Another mistake that most new players make is not to allow hips and body to revolve completely when they hit the ball and follow through after that. Left handed should twist to the right as much as possible to make the swing more powerful. This can be done by making your right hip lead and let your hands follow it. This is the main element that you need to learn for a powerful hitting.

Making your swing stronger

Your swing is the main factor that decides how strong your shot is. Therefore, you need to improve your swing. As a left-handed player, you have to make your swing with the right hand, and complete the swing with your left hand. This means that you are combining the power of both your dominant sides and dominant hand to make the shot.

One of the best golf tips for left-handed golf players is to end the swing with an entire follow through. You probably do not want to end the swing on your heels. Instead, you need to end the swing on your feet balls. You have to make full rotation with your hips for maximum power.

Managing your course play

There are no articles on the Internet for left-handed that does not include some lines on course management. This means that you have to play more courses. As you keep on playing, you will learn some pitfalls between left to right playing. These are known dogleg holes. To play these perfectly, you have to learn to hit a draw shot. The shot lets you curve the ball from right to left. This makes a perfect golf shot. Rest, you need to work more and more on your skills and practice hard. As left handed golfer are these the most important tips you should consider.