Set Up Your Golf Swing

If you feel like you’re having some issues with your golf swing setup in the golf course, then you’d better check out some of the following advices to get rid of the slice problem of the shot.

Advice one:

The position of the body when striking is the most important factor that influences how the ball will fly. A perfect alignment with the target will ensure a successful address of the ball. Your shoulder in the left should be set straight in the direction of the target, if not the ball would easily take another trace.

Advice two:

Don’t rush into striking and take time to check on your grip. The way you’re holding the club when you hit the ball is another cause that is causing a slice matter. You must at all time be able to see some knuckles of your left hand, two or three would be ideal. If you can’t see any that means you’re not holding the club right. Take time and do proper adjustments until you feel improvements.

golf swing setup positionRemember that holding the club to tight will deliver a stiff hit and you won’t be able to release at impact with the ball. Being too relaxed always can spoil a hit, as the club may wiggle and set the ball off course.

Advice three:

Another fact that influences the ball to go too far in the right direction is due to lack in hip movement. A hip that is not turning completely when the club hits the ball will cause the deviation. If you want your ball to fly in a straight manner, you must hit it with the face of the club in a square manner. And this will not be possible if the hips are not turning around when striking. Insert in your training a high finish of your strike, which helps a complete turn of the hips to solve this problem.

Advice four:

To correct a slice you must try to learn to slow down the moves you make when striking. A big mistake is when a player tries to speed the hit up to cover large distances, but that will unbalance the entire process. The force of the arms will get ahead of everything involved in this and your hips won’t be able to keep up, thus the strike will not be accurate.

Advice five:

Something that maybe you didn’t think it can affect your hit is the position of your head when striking. Although it may not seem that important raising your head when the club makes impact with the ball can actually drive it to fly far-out, especially if you tried all the advices above and you still did not manage to straighten your hit. It’s a fact that no one thinks about and most do it without even realizing or as a reflex, because when striking the right shoulder has the tendency of hitting the chin, so it’s natural to raise your head up. But if you would keep the shoulder in his place in a correct posture that wouldn’t be a problem.

So try to keep your look on the ball until to finish the entire striking process, this will increase the odds for you to have a straight ball.

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All these advices are meant to improve your performance in your golf swing setup, but this can only be achieved if put in practice on the field. So go out there and exercise and improve all the aspects that you consider and results won’t fail to appear.