Foot Positioning for Golf: Where to Position Your Feet When Teeing Off

Golf Putt foot positioning for golf

Foot Positioning for Golf

Playing games is a crucial part of a person’s life, especially those whose career lies on sports. One key to perfecting the game is foot positioning which applies to all games ranging from football to baseball to golf. If you play golf, then you should consider familiarizing yourself with a couple of ‘foot positioning for golf’ tips to properly achieve quality shots. The following tips will help you play excel in your game

Foot Positioning for Golf

Standing position. A proper standing position is necessary for both stability and accuracy. A good position is always aligning yourself such that the target line lies parallel to you. Taking a brief moment to stand will make you gain composure. When all is set, you can align your feet together, and grip the club ready to take a shot.

Club head position. Before striking the ball, it is important to consider how the club head is positioned. With your appropriate standing position, place the club head right behind the ball. This can be done while your arms hang bellow the shoulders to avoid off-target shots.

Position of the feet. When positioning your feet, be careful how to do it. The best way is keeping your feet in a position that is opposite to the ball to allow a direct shot. Putting the ball to a distance of say, three to four inches inside. For those who are left handed, this distance should measure from the right hell and vice versa for right handed guys.

Rotation of the feet. When taking a shot, keep in mind that a proper feet rotation will determine the shot. Experts consider a 20 degree rotation of the left foot towards the target is the best choice. Also ensure that your right foot is aligned perpendicularly to target line.

Movement of the hip. Once you take the shot, the way your body moves determines the way your hip moves too. You should allow your hips to move automatically towards the target the instance you hit the golf ball. This flexibility will allow follow-through to effectively work.

Foot Positioning for Golf Tips!

Rotation of the swing. Swinging the club should be done in a tactful manner such that a free rotation is achieved. For a clean shot, consider positioning your foot squarely to the line of target. This process requires practice and you should take some time to practice.

Too much rotation. Allowing needless rotation will cause uncontrolled spin that may make you unstable. Always maintain your balance by ensuring that the feet stands firmly and stable on the ground. This enables you to easily control your movements.

Distribution of weight. Always make sure that your weight is evenly distributed between the two feet. You should get a feeling that your each foot achieves half of your body weight. Avoid unnecessary leaning at all times.

Shifting of the weight. When you take a shot, your weight distribution is disturbed and you may lose balance in the process. Regain your balance by avoiding habits such as standing on your toes.

Backswing. Back swinging causes your body balance to shift to the right foot. In order to compensate this scenario, it is advisable to counter it by shifting your weight to the left foot. Always do this before taking any shot.

Proper positioning. Take all your positions properly, that is feet position and standing position. This ensures that you take good shots and the follow-through is perfectly achieved.

Flat feet. Maintain your feet at the flat position throughout the game. You must keep your left foot in a flat position while keeping the right heel just over the right foot toes.

Left foot. During the shot, the weight of your body should rest at the left foot. This happens as a result of taking the swing.

In conclusion, learning to play golf with proper foot position cannot be done overnight. It takes time and practice to become a golf pro by following proper guidelines. Remember, professional golfers are who they are by simply following basic details.

Learning the Proper Foot Position for Golf