How To Grip The Club

Closeup of a Golfers Gloved Hand on Club How To Grip The Club

How To Grip The Club

They say that the mystery of golf is all in the small details and one important detail is learning how to grip the club. Golf pros always say that you first need to learn the golf basics such as the best way to hold the club and how to take the correct stance. Then, after you have learned these techniques, you are ready to go to the course. While you might think this will be time-consuming and maybe even unnecessary, if you learn the right way from the beginning you will find that it was definitely worth your time. You will not develop bad habits and then have to change those later. Here are some great tips to help you learn the proper way to hold a golf club.

How To Grip The Club

Hang the Arms – Make sure to let your arms fall by your sides naturally. Do not put any pressure on yourself, just stand loosely.

The Grasp – Hold the golf club gently but keep your grip strong enough that you will be able to control your shot.

The Left Hand – Hold the handle of your club with your left hand, if you are right-handed, so that the clubface is squarely looking at the target.

Hold with Your Fingers: Be sure to hold the club with the fingers rather than using your palm. That way, you will find that you can feel the club better and this will result in your having more control.

The Right Hand – The index finger on your right hand should be touching the last joint on the club.

The Middle Finger – Make sure your middle finger is touching the last two joints on the club.

Placing the Thumb – The correct placement for your thumb is down the shaft. Your hands need to form a “V” where they meet. If they do, you have the proper position. When the forefinger and thumb of both hands point inside the right shoulder they are in the correctly placed.

Left Side of the Shaft – Do not put your thumb so that it is pointing down the shaft on the left side. If you do, your grip will be weakened and it might produce either a hook or a slice.

Your Little Finger – It is all right to place your pinky finger in a couple of different positions depending on which style you prefer. You can either interlock or overlap the pinky with your left index finger.

Light Pressure – Make sure you do not put a lot of pressure on your grip. You need to make the pressure light and keep a stance that is relaxed.

Swinging Motion – Your grip should let you play your shots in a way that is free of tension. If you can keep your swing natural you will play much better. Of course, make sure the club does not fly out of your hands.

Do Not Change Grip – After you have adopted a grip, make sure you stay with it. If you are constantly changing your grip you will not develop a good technique and you will make a lot of mistakes.

The Bottom Line

Golf is a complicated game and you will not be able to learn it overnight. But if you dedicate yourself to getting better you will eventually master the techniques that are needed to be good at playing golf. Just make sure that you learn the best grip before beginning to play. If you do, your shots will be powerful and much more accurate. If you begin to practice today you will soon be a much better player than when you began to read this article.

Tips on How To Grip The Club