How to Set Yourself Up for the Shot: The Correct Golf Stance

Golfing Head down correct golf stance

The Correct Golf Stance

Every beginning golfer envies those golf pros because they are very good at their game. Pros pay attention to the golf basics, they are always keen in the technique and basics of golfing, one of them being the correct golf stance. If you are not planning to be a professional learning basics is very mandatory for you to enjoy golf. By slowly learning all the tricks involved in golf, you can be a pro in no time. One of the most paramount basics in golf is your standing posture. It is really fundamental to really focus on a very rewarding standing posture to enjoy golf. The following are the most fundamental guidelines in learning the correct posture and golfing stance:

Tips on How to Achieve the Correct Golf Stance

Align your body. First, you should ensure that your body is aligned in the same position with the golf ball. Correct alignment is required here. Incorrect one will lead to a misdirected hit hence a very erroneous trajectory.

Shoulders. Ensure a parallel shoulder posture. This ensures an aim slightly towards the left of the golf ball or right for lefties.

Feet. Your legs should be positioned on the same platform in the same manner to achieve a symmetrical swing hence an accurate hit. Good positioning of your feet will enable a comfortable backswing and an elaborate flexibility in rotation.

Weight transfer. Weight transfer between both your legs is critical when taking your shot. It’s really not that tricky the transition involved in the transfer of weight should not be erratic to ensure a clear short backswing.

Solid foundation. A square stance is always the best. Many golf pros take a solid foundation to allow performing a perfect backswing.

Hands. Your hands should be slightly in front of the ball. Posture plays a major role in taking a very elaborate swing and maximum efficiency hence absolute accuracy.

An Equal weight. Ensure equal distribution of weight between your feet. Achieving a perfect balance of weight between your legs, improves your accuracy.

Knees. Allow flexion of your knees but not supposed to be too much. This allows flexibility and give a better degree of freedom in achieving a good hit.

Inconsistency. Inconsistent movement of your feet, hands and body will lead to poor shots taken. Inconsistent movements should be avoided at all times when golfing.

Changing positions. Body movements will change according to the type of club used to it the golf ball. Miniature adjustments are needed when taking these shots to enjoy an accurate shot. These positions can be slightly varied from one another. Minor adjustments are needed, but the fundamentals remain unchanged.

Tension-free. Release all the tension in your body, relax and always take a deep breath and visualize the trajectory and take the shot. Allow golfing to be a natural experience that involves intuition.

In conclusion, the correct golf stance ensures a perfect swing. The posture of a golfer plays a major role since it directly projects the accuracy of the shots taken. Taking time when playing golf is important, one of the mistake that people make is playing golf in a hurry. By mastering the basics, your golf adventures will be exiting.