PGA Tour Academy Review

pga gofl tour academyNow you can improve your game rapidly with this PGA Tour Academy review. This product will allow you to receive golf instructions of Tour quality on schedule of your own.

This is a revolutionary improvement system for golf. It will teach you practice secrets that pros make use of in addition to following practice drills and dynamic lessons.

The complete package consists of a set of 10 DVDs that come packed with practice secrets, tips, lessons, and drills from pros. You will also find twenty-eight interactive lessons as well practice sessions covering all aspects of golf.

There are 2 practice tracks following each lesson wherein one is white track designed for all abilities, other being bonus blue track designed for only advanced level players.

For those who are beginners, easy and simple to follow calendar is provided for practicing. It offers comprehensive booklet of practice guide that can be taken for practicing or ranging facility.

This package also comes with Full-Size 100 page TourAcademy instruction book. In this book you will find golf improvement strategies that will lower your score, unleash potential, as well as make golf playing pretty much fun. Christina Lecuyer is 2-times competitor of Big Break and golf professional whereas other key instructors of this package are John Stahischmidt and Travis Fulton.

Readers may be wondering how this TourAcademy program actually works! It consists of 4 phases as discussed below:

  1. This is take lesson at home phase – Every lesson will require twenty to forty minutes. This lesson has been designed so that it can be finished at home. Moreover, the lessons are highly interactive and dynamic hence ensure you are following these instructions actively giving yourself enough room so as to focus completely on learning as well as trying skills and movements recommended. Users can not improve their skills simply by watching others until they swing in club.
  1. Watch practice session phase – Post every DVD lesson, you should watch corresponding practice routine of yours for Blue or White track. The practice routine will show you specific drills that you will be competing at practice facility. Drills are easy to follow and straight-forward. They support new techniques and skills that users have learned in their home lesson or phase 1.
  1. Head to driving range or practice pga golf tour academyfacility – Practice guide booklet of yours covers all practice routine in program as well as describes all drills that you will be finishing. Carry practice guide all times with you as it offers breakdown of all drills in addition to key learning points.
  1. Follow training calendar – Instructors of TOURAcademy have designed Home Edition calendar for maximizing development of skills as well as providing rapid enhancement in golf game. Building block approach will ensure that every lesson builds on knowledge and skills gained from previous lessons. Individuals can set pace themselves or follow calendar so as to get ready for breakthrough in their game.

Home Edition from TourAcademy is highly comprehensive and affordable golf instruction solution that is available in the market today. This is combined with high quality instruction programs that will help you rapidly improve your game. More about the PGA Golf Academy here.

It comes with features like alignment sticks, impact bag, practice program, trouble shooting, training calendar, drills, instruction manual, number of DVDs, and full swing. Some of the packages offered by TOURAcademy are given below:

  • Five full swing lessons – Here you can grab golf club as well as watch dynamic home lessons. You can practice along from the comfort of your home so as to master new techniques and skills prior to heading towards practice facility. Home Lessons will cover all facets of golf in addition to teaching you secrets of great swing. Here you will learn driving ball with much distance and power, adjusting posture and grip for improving accuracy, synchronizing body and club for increasingly consistent ball striking, mastering impact zone fundamentals, and hitting accurate approach shots so as to make several birdies
  • Four short game lessons – This is the fastest way of improving golf score of yours as it allows you to master short game lessons. Pros are aware that scoring well primarily depends on saving after missing the green. Short game lessons are aimed to cover fundamentals like alignment, posture, and grip for all strokes of short game, mechanics of putting as well as executing smooth strokes each time, mastering bunker play in addition to other tough shots, and consistently shipping ball closer to pin. If you learn secrets of short game as well as how to practice, you will become aware of valuable strokes.
  • Eighteen practice sessions – Practice guide has been designed by expert instructors at TOURAcademy hence individuals don’t hit one ball after the other aimlessly at driving range. It will teach you how you can maximize time by going through efficient, focused, and short practice sessions. It offers 2 varying practice tracks namely blue track and white track. White track is for players having ability and also for those who are new to golf. Blue track on the other hand is for experienced players as well as for players who’ve graduated from White track so that they can develop advanced skills. Practice sessions aim at changing the way players think and play golf.
  • Drill and Practice calendar – In this practice sessions and golf lessons of yours have been laid out in simple-to-follow roadmap. Practice Guide makes sure maximizing new skills transference from home to driving range. Post completion of interactive home lessons, you will find them rewarding and fun. More about PGA Golf Tour Academy review below: