A Code of Conduct for Rookie Golfers

Code of Conduct for Golfers beginners

Code of Conduct for Golfers

Traditionally a Gentlemen’s sport, the elegance of this game is made apparent by the classy apparel and conduct of the players. Those interested in practicing this sophisticated sport will need a large measure of passion and dedication, but if you want the respect and admiration of your fellow golfers you will need the low-down on some of the sport’s most important rules, regulations and even some taboos.

To many golfing aficionados this time-honored sport is much more than a game to pass the time it is a way of life. Even players on an amateur level should be well versed in all the essentials of golf etiquette. This will show that you too are respectful of others and worthy of their respect.

Here are a few ‘code of conduct for golfers’ tips that will help you feel at home on the green

Code of Conduct for Golfers

Things to Do and NEVER Do on the Green

Dress the Part – Sporting attire is essential. Your local golf store should be able to provide you with the polo shirt, cap, golf cleats and comfortable cotton pants that golfers generally choose.

Get a Feel for the Course – Before teeing off, it is highly recommended that you take the tour to plan ahead and let you know where everything is.

Learn the Lingo – You will feel a lot more comfortable conversing with other golfers if you have been well versed in some of the basic golfing terminology.

Buy the Equipment – You can hardly play this game without a good set of clubs, balls and a few other things. Make sure you are in command of a good set of equipment before setting out.

Polish up your Pleasantries – The golf course is a social place and it is important to greet all your fellow golfers politely.

Know your Game – All golfers should read up on the basic (if not advanced) knowledge of the game. Be sure you are familiar with all the information related to the sport i.e. rules, terminology, common injuries associated with golfing etc.
Know the Score – Make yourself an expert on how the game is scored. There is nothing more awkward than having to ask someone else how to figure out the outcome of a game.

Be a Good Sport – It’s not about winning or losing; the prestige of this game is more about maintaining your integrity at all times. Avoid sneering if you win or acting sore if you lose.

Be Time Conscious – Remember that any number of players could be working through the course at the same time as you. Don’t waste time; after playing your shots move on fluidly so as to not hold up other players.

Keep the Course Clean – There is absolutely no reason to litter the course. Respectfully take your litter with you until you find an appropriate receptacle. The course is a place of beauty and should remain so.

Don’t Be Reckless – Rash shots and impulsive playing methods can damage the delicate playing fields. Be conscious of the other player as well as the work required to maintain the course in pristine conditions.

Drive with Care – Drive you caddy slowly. People come here to relax and enjoy the game not to dodge traffic and check out your driving skills, at least not your automobile driving skills.

Keep Pace – Many rookie golfers hold up the game by taking their sweet time, this can make the other players anxious. Try to keep things flowing by keeping up with the other players.

Pay Close Attention – Be aware of what is happening around you. If you are not paying attention to what the other players are doing you may end up with a severe injury. Golf balls fly fast and hard and you may never see them coming.

The essential point of golf is not so much getting a dimpled white ball in a hole as it conducting yourself professionally and amicably while doing so. If you want to be a truly great golfer learn to respect the game. Always be a classy player who is conscious of others.

Code of Conduct for Golfers – Beginners & Non-Beginners