Tips for Golf Penalties & Things You Need To Know About Them

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Tips for Golf Penalties

It is inevitable that golfers will be penalized at one time or another. The penalties, make for a fair playing field for all who golf and it helps to ensure that each player has a fair chance to win. The only thing you can do when you get penalized is to shake it off and keep playing.

Your performance will be as much to do with your attitude as your playing skill, so it is best to keep a good attitude about it and see it as a lesson learned. In most situations, you will still have a chance to make a comeback during the game. Professionals get penalized like the rest of us, but they make a plan prior to the game and this helps them to get through it with the best possible result.

This article will examine some strategies and tips for golf penalties, so when you find yourself penalized, you can play through it with confidence.

Tips for Golf Penalties

This first thing you will want to do is to make sure you know exactly what penalty you have received. There are different kinds and you will need to know the details to make a good strategy for recovering.

When your ball ends up near the water or in the sand trap, it will result in a 2 stroke penalty. If you find yourself in the sand trap, you should be aware that you cannot touch the sand with your club when preparing your swing. This of course will make it harder to plan the shot.

Another penalty known as a wiff, happens when you drop your ball, but then fail to strike it. It is notable that each time you swing will be counted. Similarly, when you move your ball from a position that is unplayable to one that is, then a stroke is counted.

When the ball ends up in the water, but is retrievable, then it is moved backward onto land to a place from where you can play it. If the ball goes into the water and is not retrieved, then you are penalized a point, and a new ball is positioned back to where it was before being hit into the water.

It is important to be careful and not touch your ball when practice swinging. To do so will result in a penalty of one stroke. If you created any kind of an obstruction that causes your ball to move in anyway, it will lead to a one stroke penalty. To move your ball intentionally is illegal in golf.

If the ball were to hit you after you hit it, then doing so would result in a penalty of 2 strokes. If the weather turns and it begins raining, you would be penalized with 2 strokes if you were to try to protect your ball or yourself from the weather.

The rules require that you carry a maximum of fourteen clubs. If you were to carry more, you would be given a two stroke penalty for every hole you played with more than the allowed amount of clubs.

When you hit your ball onto the green and it in turns hits another ball on the green, it results in a penalty of two strokes. If by accident or intentionally you break in plant or shrubbery with your body, this results in a penalty of 2 strokes.

Penalties are not to be feared, but rather understood. With your new understanding you can manage golf penalties first by doing your best not to receive them. When you do get the dreaded penalty, you need not fear it if you have made a strategy beforehand to handle it.

Useful Tips for Golf Penalties & How to Deal With Them